The new abs diet meal plan

Share on Facebook If you eat the right foods, says the Abs diet creator David Zinczenko, you’ll burn fat and gain lean muscle mass.

Zinczenko designed the six-week plan for men originally, but in his book, “The New Abs Diet for Women,” he alters the scheduled program to address weight-loss concerns unique to women. The meal plans for the Abs diet are all based around 12 “powerfoods”: nuts, legumes, green vegetables, low- or non-fat dairy products, instant oatmeal, eggs, lean meats, peanut butter, olive oil, whole grains, whey berries and powder.

a day — breakfast

Meal Guidelines Women following the Abs diet are instructed to eat six times, dinner and lunch with snacks two hours before lunch, two hours before dinner and two hours after dinner.

Every meal must contain at least two of Zinczenko’s list of powerfoods; each snack needs to have at least one. According to Zinczenko, the more of these foods you eat, the more fat you’ll burn. The women’s version of the Abs diet provides between 1, to 1, per day calories. Breakfast A typical breakfast on the Abs diet for women might consist of an 8-ounce smoothie prepared with low- or non-fat milk, whey powder, yogurt, fruit and a juice like orange juice.

Smoothies are included in a number of the sample menu plans in Zinczenko’s book since they are a quick way to consume your required powerfoods. This breakfast smoothie provides three of the powerfoods: whey powder and two servings of dairy. If a fruit can be used by you like raspberries, you’ll pack in four powerfoods. Lunch While you’re on the Abs diet, lunch may be a salad of romaine lettuce and spinach leaves topped with sliced fresh strawberries, diced onion and roasted chopped chicken or turkey.

Toss the salad with a vinaigrette made from olive oil, red wine vinegar and seasonings like garlic. With only calories, this lunch provides four Abs diet powerfoods. For a different-tasting dressing, you can use sesame, peanut or canola oil of the olive oil instead; all four are considered powerfoods. Dinner For dinner, a woman on the Abs diet may have chili prepared with ground turkey, black beans, diced corn and tomatoes served over cooked brown rice.

By adding ground flaxseed to the chili, you can raise the powerfood total of this dinner since Zinczenko counts seeds such as flaxseeds, sunflower pumpkin and seeds seeds in the same powerfood category as nuts, though both need to be unsalted.

Avoid white rice and any product made from refined grains like white pasta or breads. Snacks Recommended snacks on the Abs diet for women include nuts, fresh fruit, smoothies, lean deli meats, whole-wheat crackers with low-fat cheese, vegetable sticks with homemade bean dip, sliced apples spread with peanut yogurt and butter.