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Back To Index A Sample Plan Of South Beach Diet Phase 1 Now that you have a well prepared south beach diet phase 1 grocery list, here is a sample diet plan that you can understand how it should be followed to achieve a successful weight loss. Choose any source of lean protein from the diet but make sure that it does not exceed one serving. One serving of non-starchy vegetables 28 grams.

Choose any source of non-starchy vegetable from the above list. One cup of a healthy beverage – A cup of green tea is a perfect way to go.

What To Eat For Lunch? What To Eat For Dinner? South Beach Diet Phase 1 Snacks You can include one egg seasoned with salt and pepper or a cup of healthy nuts and seeds from the above-mentioned list not more than 28 grams You can have a vegetable salad dressed with oils which are a healthy fat source Choose oils from the above-mentioned list for a healthy weight loss and ensure that you do not exceed the limit of tablespoons.

This includes fruits like pears, berries, apples, grapes, peaches, cantaloupes, and apricots. Starchy foods should not be any starchy foods in your list -There.

This includes baked foods, pasta, bread, oatmeal, cereals, matzo, and rice. It includes starchy vegetables like turnips also, green peas, yarn, sweet potatoescarrots, beetroots, and corn. Beverages -Do not consume any beverages like wine, beer, fruit juices, sodas, or cocktails. Most of the right times, we get motivated by a diet plan so much and start it with a great enthusiasm but one thing we all as humans may lack is consistency.

Just kidding! So, when we have taken up such a purposeful challenge of attaining weight loss we must definitely be mindful about what we are eating! A south beach diet is not similar to those routine fad diets that make you lose weight temporarily.

It is something you opt for a healthy weight loss that has to stay with you for a lifetime. The plan has been designed in such a way that you will lose kilograms in the first phase which lasts for two weeks. The second phase requires you to follow the same foods until you reach goal weight by losing 1 kilogram per week.

The third phase allows you to eat in moderation for the rest of your life to maintain the physical fitness. So, it is pretty evident from the plan that phase 1 is the part of the diet plan that deserves great attention and commitment because it is one of the toughest hurdles you need to cross.

Once you achieve the desired weight loss in phase 1, the rest follows! South Beach Diet Phase 1 Recipes 1. Scrambled Eggs For Breakfast Eggs are the best protein sources you can opt for breakfast. Here is a simple scrambled eggs recipe to make your mornings energetic. Make sure that you do not use more than 2 eggs in making the recipe! Ingredients Required.