Ramakrishna weight loss diet plan

Is it safe to follow this Diet Plan? Few people protest that there were no Science experiments done to prove that this diet plan is good? If such is the full case, why there are many patients suffering from diabetes still, blood pressure and many more. Will they be any eating disorders since this diet plan has no particular timings? Do consumption of excess oils give gastritis blood and problem vomitings?

Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna counters this relevant question and says, the majority of the individuals are using refined chemical oils from ages which create a wreak havoc on health in the long run. So, when compared to such chemically processed refined oils, using g of natural oils is not a nagging problem. Except for the social people who have ulcers in the stomach, the gas problems shall vanquish if you follow this diet plan says, Mr Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna.

What if you continued this diet plan for more than 3 months or a year? What if the heart patients follow this fat diet? Will the cholesterol levels increase? Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna says this diet plan is a boon to heart patients proudly.

But he been so feisty about his diet plan, say that science told not to eat fatty foods never. In that process, a wreck is created by them havoc to the society. He also quotes an example of a person named Srinivas who has or something cholesterol levels. He feared when he got to know about this diet plan initially.

Under such circumstances, VRK told him to quit medicines and follow his diet plan. This man Srinivas, after a couple of days, has noticed a considerable change in his cholesterol levels. His blood pressure, IBS, diabetes all got decreased but the triglycerides did not decrease. Srinivas said, yes I took a cholesterol tablet. Later, with a complete trust given by a leading cardiologist to Mr Srinivas, he followed the diet without using tablets again.

To his surprise, his cholesterol levels got decreased to So, with this VRK concludes that these days doctors are preaching eating fat with cholesterol is not a problem also. Is this diet plan a long lasting solution to cure health problems without using tablets? Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna once again gives a bold answer that carbs shall affect the human body to a hundredfold.

That means, your body will flush out all the toxins and produce new cells every right time to rejuvenate your body.