Purina pro plan veterinary diets alternative

Login to reply the answers Post How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Sign in Ramon DC 1 decade ago I just wanted to say something about part of what Ken S has said and keeps saying – I take issue with a lot of it but one part in particular really gets to me each time I see him post his “copy and paste rant” about dry food.

That part is: “Vetinarian[sic] diets The reason your vet thinks so highly of the pet food they sell probably has more to do with money than nutrition.

In vet school, the only classes offered on nutrition last a few weeks usually, and are taught by representatives from the pet food companies.

Vet students may also receive free food for their own cats and dogs at home. An Iams could be got by them notebook, a Purina purse and some free pizza.

After he stopped laughing he said that is false. He said he’s heard that story before and it is untrue. He said that there were give aways by various companies, including food companies, but he compared those to the hundreds of give ways that human MDs get from pharmaceutical companies and others.

He was adamant that the food companies do not teach the classes at the vet schools. This is an exceptional vet and we have a very close relationship do to a couple of cat in the past years who had some chronic problems and we’ve developed a very close working relationship. Ken’s source for his untruth about who teaches nutrition classes is a Journalism School student class project created in the spring of Is that the best he cat give us – 5 year old material put together by a student?

As to the vets pushing the foods they sell – I’ve never encountered a vet who sells ordinary cat food. They sell prescription foods but not ordinary food. I asked our vet about this telling him that I thought they did not sell non prescription foods because they can’t compete in volume with pet stores and other stores that sell at food.

He said that was true, there was no way the could generate income or perhaps even break even if they tried to sell non prescription foods. So, Ken, update your material please. Get some better sources, if you can, and stop ranting about the evils of dry food as though you are Moses come down from the mountain. What you post is your opinion and I wish you would at least clean up the format, fix the spelling, and acknowledge that part of it was copied, word for word, from other web sites.