Ad cat food wet by science diet

We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. Our moderators read all reviews to verify helpfulness and quality. For more information regarding reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Then local vet recommended Hills Metabolic cat food Weight management for him to lose some weight.

After ten months, he lost 2 kg and weak on joints. Now the vet diagnosed Diabetic on him from the high Blood Glouces Level extremely. I understand that it could be an individual case depend on cats but please consider before you feed your cats. I asked about cost for a can or two just to let my big boy kitty possibly try some because he likes to have new tastes here and there. I opened the large can of kidney care about a half hour ago to feed my kitty and also to my surprise saw this off-whitish small glob right on top of the wet food which I have to say looks like a loogie of spit which is completely disgusting.

I immediately tried to reach my vet’s office where I bought these cans today to ask if this is normal to expect on the food however they close early Saturday and I just missed them.

Then I thought I should look online to see if anyone else has posted any other information similar to my situation or if Hills website offers any insight to what this “thing” is sitting right in the middle of what was supposed to be kitty’s lunch but found nothing regarding this issue. Now what I did see was many many many other types of serious issues addressed by pet owners regarding declining health or rapid sickness which sound like are due to this Hill’s Brand Dog and Cat Food wet and dry food.

These reviews are extremely serious issues that I feel no pet owner should have to be coping with as well as no pets of course. Most importantly these issues shouldn’t be caused by any pet food company regardless especially one like Hill’s which states they use quality safe ingredients that apparently help various health concerns when it obviously does the opposite, hurting many innocent pets who are just trying to eat a good healthy meal or in my case can’t even try the food because it has some nasty glob pressed into the wet food which is God knows what.

All these “top notch” claims by the company as well as vet’s offices nationwide support of sales appear like nothing more than false advertising or uneducated belief of this being as great as it states All it should take is the entities whom support this company really stop and read or for God’s sake listen to the various stories just right here regarding this brand of food and its correlations to many dogs and cats health issues after consumption, then I would like to think that would at least affect how much of these products are being sold by vets offices or pet stores at least until this company makes some serious changes that are of benefit to our pet’s health rather than hurting them.

I know this is a huge hope I express but dang it, why is it ok for any pet food maker to mass produce God knows what that makes so many animals whom eat it very unhealthy or even die in some instances or have recalls left and right or let random things get into the food that shouldn’t be in it whether it be what I found in my can today or the black glass type grounds found mixed up in another reviewers doggies food Why is this continuing with no progress to healthier standards or safer practices from all the consumer complaints or outreach?

Hill’s denies any issues repeatedly and only addresses the minimum when it has become a recall. Companies who decide to not listen to what their customers enjoy or immensely dislike and continue to make unappealing or bad goods will not stay in business very long.

It shows already as many of your once customers have stopped purchasing any Hill’s products and have instead found a much better food that doesn’t cause sickness like the products by Hill’s are causing.

Those customers and myself now, a potential regular customer are now getting our pet’s needs handled elsewhere or will be instead. I personally don’t want to take any chances with losing my kitty by feeding him something bad. I mean the first can I buy has something foreign on it that looks way nasty which is instead going to be fed to my garbage disposal. I really hope Hill’s can turn this situation around rather than saying nothing is even a problem each time a pet parent contacts them to ask why their pet is say dying from the bad food they have eaten And instead took each call with serious concern the way each should be.

My heart goes out to all of those that reviewed and I also thank you for every one as well as each supplied some insight to why I should just dump both cans I purchased and also to seek out a much better brand for my buddy to eat. One more thing If anyone else has seen the same cream colored thing on their cat’s wet food upon opening can you tell me?

Thank you in advance.